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Lessons From Life For me life has been fascinating. Not easy! Delivering the tough times as well as the moments of glory and the moments of ecstasy. Being healthy now is to me very important and basically pretty easy. But then I am only 71 so really just a chicken. So what do I know about cancer? Well the answer to that is everything and nothing! Everything I need to know to stay healthy for the next forty years and like all serious avenues of learning you always find the more you learn, the more you realise how little you know. But let the experts prattle on, the fact is I have had to find out all the important stuff or I would definitely not be alive today. If you only listen to experts save yourself some time and leave the site. I do get tested often with the latest blood tests showing everything perfect except for a slight high in my potassium but then the banana tree was producing a big crop at the time. I tried the cancer thing and was not impressed so I got rid of it. Cancer is growing so fast that estimates have it as being 50% by 2020. So how do you have an economy if half the people are dying? So lets have a look at how to get rid of it. There are a number of variables which I will spend some time on in the next page. They are important and should not only be taken into account when you are getting rid of the cancer but also as you mature they should be heeded to create an in body environment where cancer reversal is simplified rather than complicated. My story covers the last ten years and the cancers were in the colon and prostate with a serious dose of skin cancer thrown in. The prostate was identified in a blood test. some eight years ago but I never went back for more tests. I cannot relate to the joys of multiple tests, chemotherapy and radiation from listening to people who have had it. I think the risk of dying is greater if I use the medical system anyway. Prostate cancer is annoying anyway with a dull ache in the testes especially when turning in bed. A noticeable loss of function goes with that so I did not need to know any more. i looked on the internet and found a massive complexity of tests and treatments. All involved a lot of time and inconvenience and there were no mentions of cure. Shortly after that a dull pain in the colon was experienced of the same type. Once again functions were noticeably down in digestion and elimination. The diet at the time included a majority of vegetarian but mostly cooked as part of a standard today type diet. Supermarket sourced of course. The melanoma is right on the side of my head, clearly visible and growing quickly. I could feel the activity across the top of my head and down the cheek. So it was time to act. I had done a lot of study by this time on diets and nutrition and about that time found videos from George Malkmus and others who were curing cancer on a regular basis after having had their own experiences with it in the past. So that was then. It is interesting as I applied the elimination methods that I could turn cancer on and off. I have since found that in other cases. One day it is there and you can feel it and two weeks later you can no longer feel it. You know it is still there but in a reduced or latent state. And this goes for all the types. Next page the complications then the reversal. fine line.